USC Supports City of Los Angeles’ Efforts at First Auto Show Hackathon

CCI, in collaboration with IMSC and the City of LA’s ITA team, participated in the first-ever hackathon at an auto show. The goal of the hack was to use City data and Honda APIs to to address the mobility challenges posed to a dynamic city like Los Angeles when it comes to hosting major events. The hackathon was sponsored by Honda Innovations and took place at AutoMobility LA, which is a four-day preview event for industry insiders preceding the consumer-focused LA Auto Show billed as “the industry’s first tradeshow converging the technology and automotive industries to launch new products and technologies and to discuss the most pressing issues surrounding the future of transportation and mobility.” Professor Krishnamachari, Dr. Moen, and Ms. Larsen were all on hand from CCI to help develop a unique solution to access real-time city data and display it using techniques specific to augmented reality (AR).