Research Labs

CCI faculty include many world-class experts in experimental research working in state of the art laboratories and facilities at USC. The following are 360-degree images and photos from some of our labs related to microwave systems, wireless communications and electronics.

Microwave Systems, Sensors and Imaging Lab (MiXIL)

The Microwave Systems, Sensors and Imaging Lab (MiXIL), part of the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering within the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California carries out a diverse range of research involving microwave systems and sensors, environmental and medical imaging, electromagnetic and acoustic scattering and inverse problems, non-contact medical therapy, and ultra-low-energy wireless sensor networks.

UltRa Lab

The UltRa Lab is a joint research lab dealing with various aspects of wireless communication. First and foremost, the lab is the homebase of world-leading equipment for channel sounding, including a distributed MIMO sounder, mm-wave sounder, and vehicle-to-vehicle sounders. An anechoic chamber, enabled by a gift from Paul Allen, enables the measurement of antenna characteristics and the calibration of channel sounders. Software defined radios enable the rapid prototyping and testing of new algorithms and architectures for wireless communications.

USC Electronics Laboratory

The electronics laboratory at USC, under the joint supervision of Professors Hossein Hashemi, Mike Chen, and Dina El-Damak, includes state-of-the-art equipment capable of measurements from DC to millimeter-wave frequencies (currently up to 170 GHz). The equipment includes synthesized and arbitrary signal generators, real-time and sampling oscilloscopes, spectrum and signal analyzers, vector network analyzers, logic analyzers, communication testers, probe stations for chip-and wafer-level measurements, impedance tuners, a wire-bonder, and a printed circuit board milling machine.