Hands-on Activities @EE Spotlight 2018

CCI participated in outreach events organized by USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The goal of the outreach event was to increase the educationally disadvantaged and underrepresented communities to graduate with degrees in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM). CCI developed a data relay game for the STEM and EngX events to teach the concepts of computer networking by using CCI’s IoT testbed. This game involved teams of multiple players with mobile devices interacting with the USC-CCI testbed and formed a mesh network. Using only Bluetooth to connect to the sensors, the players acted as the link between nodes, and acting like a relay, delivered the data to the destination. Students picked up data from one sensor box and delivered it to another sensor box. Since the team with the lowest latency is announced the winner, the students had to run fast.

Professor Krishnamachari, Dr. Ramachandran, Ms. Larsen, and Mr. Espinoza of CCI conducted the events at USC campus. Our team members interacted and played the data relay game with students. CCI received positive feedback from students, parents, and the organizers.