CCI Faculty are introducing new courses into the undergraduate and graduate curriculum at USC Viterbi.

Distributed Systems for the Internet of Things (EE 250L)

Distributed Systems for the Internet of Things (EE 250L) is a new course designed for engineering students with at least a sophomore standing to learn how to design, build and evaluate hardware, operating systems, network and application layer protocols, as well as distributed system applications for the Internet of Things. Through hands-on lab activities, assignments, projects, as well as through guest lectures spanning research and practice, the course provides a comprehensive introduction to many relevant topics including printed circuit board design, real-time operating systems, programming microprocessors, signal processing, wireless communications, networks, control systems, publish-subscribe middleware, cloud computing, databases, machine learning and security. It was piloted as a special topics course in Spring 2017.

Data-Driven Optimization and Control (EE 599)

Data-Driven Optimization and Control is a new graduate-level course (to be taught for the first time in Fall 2017 as an EE 599 special topics class) that provides an introduction to a set of modern theoretical techniques of great use in CPS and IoT systems. Massive data collected from these systems yield uncertainties associated with key variables that can be incorporated into critical decision-making and control mechanisms. However it is challenging to ensure robustness, safety, risk and reliability when the distributional information is inaccurate. In this graduate course, students will learn about distributionally robust optimization, and distributionally robust Markov decision processes and stochastic control methods with an emphasis on safety specifications and risk management, as well as online convex optimization models and algorithms.

Extracurricular Activities

As part of our education efforts, CCI is also supporting relevant extra-curricular activities. For instance, in Spring 2017, Prof. Krishnamachari gave an hour-long talk in the SHOT2 program organized by USC MHI scholars providing an overview of how to build IoT systems from a practical perspective. And, starting, Fall 2017, CCI is sponsoring the Viterbi Makers Club, where engineering students engage in maker projects, many quite related to cyber-physical and IoT systems. 


We are collaborating with colleagues in Europe in developing new approaches to teaching IoT, such as the following article on incorporating the 6TiSCH stack when teaching about Industrial IoT. We are also collaborating with a startup from Romania called Wyliodrin using their easy to use IDE for IoT to developing labs for undergraduate students that can be run over remotely accessible processors.

T. Watteyne, P. Tuset-Peiro, X. Vilajosana, S. Pollin, B. Krishnamachari, “Teaching Communication Technologies and Standards for the Industrial IoT? Use 6TiSCH!” IEEE Communications Magazine, special issue on Education and Training, to appear in 2017.