Developing Blockchain solutions beyond cryptocurrency

Guest Speaker:
Karan Motwani – Manager Application Development, Starbucks Coffee Company

Thursday, April 26, 2018
MCB 101

  • Session covers fundamentals of Blockchain highlighting key differences between few Blockchain platforms.
  • Considerations when developing Blockchain solutions with emphasis on Ethereum
  • Components required to deploy a fully functioning Blockchain solution
  • Evaluating use cases which can benefit from Blockchain implementation
  • Challenges around Blockchain technology and its future ahead.

Speaker Bio:
Karan Motwani is an IT Leader with 17+ years of experience in consulting, architecture, engineering, and strategic leadership roles. He has worked with companies from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and the United States on supply chain and finance solutions. From this experience, he brings an entrepreneurial perspective, and an ability to work across business and engineering on Blockchain application to Supply chain and Finance scenarios.