USC CCI is one of the founding members of the I3 – the intelligent IoT integrator – consortium and has been leading the software design, development, and testing of the software. Public and private organizations partnered with USC Viterbi Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things (CCI), USC Viterbi Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), and USC Marshall Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) and launched the I3 consortium at USC in November-2017.

The I3 consortium has been working on the design, development, and testing of the I3 data marketplace since its launch. USC CCI team completed the version-0 of the I3 data marketplace in Spring 2019 and hosted an instance online to allow the consortium members, including the City of LA, to test the capabilities of the marketplace.

Throughout the summer, a team comprising of faculty members, researchers, and students closely worked with consortium members and industrial partners, including the City of Los Angeles, IMSC, Insight, AWS TensorIoT, WiZR, IOTA, FIC/USD Group, Zetta and Korea University, to demonstrate application use cases involving I3 platform. At the second I3 conference on the 19th of August, a demonstration booth was set up at the USC Hotel. Many visitors from industry, government, and academia visited the demo space at USC Hotel throughout the day to check out the I3 demonstrations.

The second I3 conference also included representatives and speakers from the following organizations: City of Los Angeles, Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, City of Pasadena, Verizon, Amazon, Microsoft, Ericsson, Western Digital, Cradlepoint, Wizr, IOTA, Kiana, USDG, EnOcean, Traction Labs, Insight, Aurigon, Zetta Advisory, Inria, Korea University, and USC. These stakeholders have contributed very substantially to the I3 project in many forms, including ideas, feedback, time, software, and other resources.