Aug-2019 Intelligent-Integrated IOT Conference and Workshop

Monday, August 19th, 2019
USC Main Campus – Feritta Hall; Lower Level

Intelligent-Integrated IOT Conference and Workshop is a conference focused on the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).  It is hosted by the Intelligent IoT Integrator (I3) Consortium to discuss the realization of open and forward looking IoT efforts.

The I3 Consortium is consortium that includes companies, government  entities, and academic institutions that are working together to create an opensouce framework that allows communities of independent IoT device owners to work together.

The workshop/conference has been structured into 3 different tracks that provides business insights, technical experiences, and operational perspectives.  Registration opens at 8am and the conference starts at 9am

Many different speakers will share with the conference attendees their vision of how IOT will impact the way we conduct business, run government, and the way we lead our lives.  Conference speakers include the following:

  • Ted Ross, CIO, City of Los Angeles
  • Jerry Power, USC Faculty, Author, and I3 Founder
  • Tom Schenk, Director of Analytics, KPMG
  • Michael Sherwood, Director of Innovation/Technology, City of Las Vegas
  • Madhuri Peri, IOT Practice Manager, Amazon
  • Jagjit Dhaliwal, County of Los Angeles
  • Phillip LeClair, CIO, City of Pasadena
  • Bhaskar Krishnamachari, USC Faculty, CCI Director, I3 Founder
  • George Bouloukakis, INRI/UCI
  • Lee Reese, Azure Specialist , Microsoft
  • Harkeerat Bedi, Verizon
  • Lea Eriksen, City of Long Beach
  • SD “Nelson” Nelson, IOTA
  • Aaryn Anderson, Insight
  • Ryan Kurtzman, City of Long Beach
  • Gowri Ramachandran, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
  • Joyce Edson, Deputy CIO, City of Los Angeles
  • Hazel Mann, Zetta Advisory
  • Mallik Tatipamula, CTO, Ericsson
  • Heejo Lee, University of Korea
  • Dustin Podell, Aurigon Tech
  • Roark Hilomen, Western Digital
  • Seon Kim, USC Viterbi IMSC
  • Ken Hosac, Vice President, IoT Strategy & Business Development, Cradlepoint 
  • Jimmy Liu, USD Group
  • Don Paul, Director of USC Energy Institute, Faculty Viterbi
  • Dennis Fairfield, EnOcean
  • Pawel Sasik/Scott Orlyck, CEO/CTO, Wearabouts
  • George Tolomiczenko, USC Keck School of Medicine
  • Britanny Carter, Head of Product, Wizr
  • Frank Ferrara, Traction Labs
  • Dauod Thompson, Process Intel
  • Satyandra Kumar Gupta, Viterbi, Center for Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Daniel Matook, CEO, Aurigon Tech

In addition, the August conference will include the first public demonstration of the I3 Opensource IOT data-stream management system.  The demonstration will be based on version 0 of the I3 software developed at USC in conjunction with the many I3 consortium partners.  Version 0 is the version of the I3 core that has been released to the I3 consortium members for integration testing and once the process is complete we will continue our steady march forward in the expectation of achieving our first public release of I3 before the end of 2019.